right before my eyes- i have no explanation at the moment. 

High highs. 

done in photoshop CS6, on a wacom bamboo splash tablet. 
$$$ figured i’d spice it up a bit with digital shennanigans. 

Just a cigarette that will harm your pretty lungs.

Watercolor, ink, pen
On pages from books. 

Adam Green.

"And just when i thought it was safe to put down my pen
She said maybe i will let you fall in love with me again.”

Watercolor, ink, pen. 

I was your favorite bull fighter. 
[Adam Green]

Watercolor, ink, pen. 

Sleepless fever. 
more info here: http://captainwheeler.deviantart.com/art/Sleepless-fever-378641067?ga_submit_new=10%253A1371489272

Watercolor, ink, ol’ fashion pen. 
Still stuck in this dreamy state. 

well, howdy hey new followers.

shall be posting another work today! ; >

Asleep at the wheel.

Watercolor, ink, pen.
Inspired by this song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7ToVteZW4M

In the beginning. 

Watercolor, ink, acrylic.